Do you know how much your home is worth in today’s Real Estate market?

Surprisingly most people have no idea what the value of their home is, so we have made it simple for you to get the value of your home with Homebot. When you sign up for Free, you will have access to your home value as well as additional tools to help you stay on top of your most important asset.

Why we invested in Hombot for our clients?

We invested in Homebot and offer this amazing service absolutely Free to anyone wanting to get their home value and use additional tools to keep them updated on their greatest asset. By the time the average American retires, 83% of their wealth will come from their home equity. Homeowners lose billions of dollars in wealth yearly because they make poorly timed home finance decisions.

The US homeownership market is the largest asset class in the world at $30 trillion but is essentially an “unmanaged” asset. Homebot empowers consumers with personalized home finance insights and facilitates engagement with the experts that can help them manage this asset — their loan officer and real estate agent.